Introduction to The HelpStation

    Introduction to The HelpStation

    We are happy to introduce The HelpStation to you and your organisation. 

    The HelpStation is a Social Enterprise aimed at building investment ready Small & Medium Sized Enterprises in Ghana through the consistent provision of tailored and relevant business support solutions to their specific needs.

    The HelpStation has a vision of building a vibrant, high growth and globally competitive SMEs in Ghana, providing them with the requisite business support, advisory services, capacity building, business coaching and productive networking opportunities needed for massive, consistent and sustainable growth.

    The HelpStation has a mission of equipping and supporting Startups, SMEs & Entrepreneurs in their quest to build and grow businesses that create jobs and power up the economy. The HelpStation examines businesses on their 7 operational units and propose solutions to challenges they may be facing in specific areas such as Finance, HR, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Management and Corporate Governance, IT and Legal Operations.

    Additionally, The HelpStation provides to businesses and entrepreneurs the following:

    1. Access to Relevant Information
    2. Business Acceleration Programs 
    3. Productive Networking Opportunities 
    4. Financial & Investment Literacy 
    5. Business Development Support 
    6. Knowledge Exchange through Mentorship, Seminars & Workshops
    7. Legal, HR & Management Support 

    We are more than happy to have a further discussion with you on possible collaboration moving forward and examine ways we can work together to promote a vibrant and resourceful support system for entrepreneurs and businesses in Ghana. 

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch and to keep us updated on your initiatives. We look forward to working closely with your organisation. 

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