About Us

Our Objectives and
Commitment to Businesses

Our Mission

The HelpStation has a mission of equipping and supporting SMEs & Entrepreneurs in their quest to build and grow businesses that can compete on the global market. The HelpStation provides tailored support services to Startup & SME Businesses with the vision of making them resilient, high-growth and globally competitive.

We aim at building a resilient and high growth Small & Medium Sized Enterprises in Ghana through the consistent provision of tailored and relevant business support solutions to their specific needs.

The HelpStation has a vision of building a resilient, high growth and globally competitive community of SMEs in Ghana, providing them with the requisite business support, advisory services, adequate financing, capacity building, business coaching and productive networking opportunities needed for massive, consistent and sustainable growth.

The HelpStation is able to provide SMEs the much needed attention, working closely with them to examine their current state, analyzing their needs and providing them with tailor-made solutions

Our Objectives

To assist Idea-Bearers properly develop their ideas and businesses and birth products and services that stand the test of time
To assist in developing cost efficient processes that enable SMEs reduce cost and maximize profits.
To assist SMEs build needed structures to guarantee consistent and sustainable growth
To position SMEs to be financially sound, credit worthy & investment ready to attract the needed financing
To provide SMEs & Entrepreneurs with relevant and needed information

To assist SMEs become investment ready and assist in funding negotiations.
To provide accessible & practical business advisory & consulting services to SMEs
To position startups and SMEs to create sustainable jobs and decent livelihoods
To present resourceful and productive networking platforms for SMEs and all stakeholders
To provide affordable and subsidized business services