Providing Tailor-Made Solutions
to Businesses

Building globally competitive businesses

The HelpStation is a Social Enterprise aimed at building resilient and high growth Small & Medium Sized Enterprises in Ghana through the consistent provision of tailored and relevant business support solutions to their specific needs. The HelpStation has a vision of building a vibrant, high growth and globally competitive community of SMEs in Ghana, providing them with the requisite business support, advisory services, capacity building, business coaching and productive networking opportunities needed for massive, consistent and sustainable growth.

What We Offer

What to Expect


Financial & Investment literacy Support. Financial Planning and Management Support. Access to debt and equity investment Resources. Book-Keeping & Accounting Support Services


Tools and resources including A suite of templates for drafting legal agreements, preparing financial statements and business plans. Coaching to sharpen human resource management, business networking and presentation skills. etc


Through Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Accelerator programs to equip businesses and entrepreneurs to build effective Corporate & Personal Brands, and also expand their knowledge in Finance, Business Planning, Business Modeling & Management Skills


Through Marketing & Sales Support. Business Referrals and Productive Networking through The HelpStation’s business events and Seminars